The Best Memory Foam Mattress Or Your Worst Nightmare?


This foam is named NASA foam, viscoelastic foam along with some different names . But it really is derived from the foam that has been produced for the NASA manned space flight program

So far as my research goes, I do not think a few of those foam actually made it’s way to a space craft. It was be suited to distance traveling.

A Swedish foam firm commenced tinkering with of the foam and eventually made a variant of it which was appropriate to your own mattresses.

You can gauge the Caliber of Memoryfoam best rated memory foam mattress

By it’s density
Where the foam is made
The ILD of the foam
Whether it’s temperature sensitive


At case you reduce a sheet of memoryfoam to a 1 2″ block and think about it, you are going to understand the density.

In the event the foam weighs 5 pounds. Per cubic feet, it is known as 5 lbs. Density and 4 lbs. Per cubic foot is going to be 4 pounds. density.

That actually is important since the ideal memory foam for encouraging the entire body will be only 5 pounds. And above. 4 lbs. Density is inviting but whatever under 4 lbs. Is considered unfit to be used in a mattress.

Lesser density foam mattress products and services wont endure as long because the heavier versions so a 4 pounds. Foam mattress normally includes a 10 yr guarantee whereas the 5 pounds. Mattresses normally have a 20 yr warranty.

It may be mentioned I discovered likely the numerous well-known brand which begins with a “T” to become 5.3 lbs. Density for nearly all of their mattress solutions.

Country of Manufacture

American-made foams are fabricated to stringent demands while foam from China or elsewhere could be generated using poisonous chemicals that may be unhealthy.

Chinese is notorious for both off-gassing and supplying pungent scents which may last for months. It actually is very similar to sleeping Parmesan cheese.

Idon’t think’s the recipe to obtain the perfect memory foam mattress.

You have to inquire carefully at case the foam was made out of America because most producers state “Made in America” but fail to talk with you that they obtain their memory in addition to different trash in China.

ILD of the Foam

ILD is the measure of equilibrium of memory-foam also it generally ranges from 8 to 20 for foam.

An ILD of 8 are too soft for a lot of people although 20 are too firm.

Most manufacturers stay static from the 10 to 17 variety.

I feel that the big “T” business uses and ILD of 14 to their 10″ DeluxeBed(TM) so that will provide you some thing to look at when picking your preference.

Temperature Sensitivity

The feature several well known about this perfect memory foam mattress is that it’s capability of soften under you since it absorbs the warmth from the body.

This fine tuning is essential to get the utmost pleasure from their own memory foam mattress.

There are a few manufacturers that claim temperature sensitivity to receive their very own foam . But it takes serious temperatures to affect the memory.

You will need to make sure the foam will soften because it absorbs the temperatures which are usually connected to the body.

You may ascertain it by lying back on a mattress at the store for 5 to ten minutes then checking to learn whether the foam is thicker beneath your body than it’s away from the region where you’re laying.

Whenever you’re looking for your mattress only try to keep in mind that the very top memory foam mattress will shortly be 5 pounds. Density, generated in America with an ILD of 10 to 17 and be temperature sensitive to 98.6 quantities of heat.

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