Tips On Mobile Phone Battery Protection and Maintenance


Battery supports to mobile phone activities, when power off, mobile phones are of no use, no messages, no income calls, and all activities cannot be used. Battery is the most indispensable part of a mobile phone, and its maintenance and protection are very important.

Battery technology never stops developing. From nickel cadmium battery in early stage, to nickel hydrogen battery and lithium hydronium battery, the battery ingredient technology is updated. Not only consider the power and battery life, but more eco factors.

Maintenance should be done when you recharging your cell phone battery original note 4 battery.

1. Use original or well-reputed brand chargers, and use special charger for lithium hydronium battery. The charging time must be controlled in 24 hours because recharge time is not the longer, the better, and long time charging may cause dangerous.

2. After 3 to 5 times completely charge and discharge circles, new batteries’ internal chemicals are able to active and achieve the best use. So after buying a new cell phone, pay more attention on the first three or five recharge helps your battery gets a good beginning and work well in the future, 12 to 14 hours is appropriate charge time.

3. Different kinds of batteries have different tips. Nickel cadmium batteries have memory feature, so before you recharge a nickel cadmium battery, you must be sure that its power is completely run out and don’t cut off the power during recharging. Lithium hydronium batteries, in the opposite, have no memory and can be charged freely. But we should have a common sense that battery life is inversely proportional to charging times.

4. Avoid using universal charger. It is no doubt that universal charger is convenient than seat charger, no matter in carry or charge, and it seems that universal charger is more effective and can charge our batteries quickly. Actually, this is a wrong idea and this opinion only notice the result but doesn’t care much on battery protection. Your battery will be no longer available if you charge it by a universal charger too much. So if you want the battery life be longer, use original seat charger for original battery.

These tips above are methods to protect batteries from recharging; sometimes people doubt that they have made good protection on recharging batteries, why standby time is short. It is related to the capacity of battery and the use of mobile phone. To maintain your battery life time longer, you should know that your cell phone has many extra functions, such as GPS, Bluetooth, multi-media, camera, network, etc. These performances consume power faster than just make phone calls and send message, so if you are not apply some functions such as WiFi and Bluetooth, switch off them.

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