Five Tips For Buying Land For Sale


When you want to buy a tract of land so that you can build your own home and you start looking for land for sale, there are some things that you should consider to make sure that you get a good deal. You don’t want to buy a piece of land only to find out that it’s not suitable for the type of house that you want to build or that you can’t get the utility services you need.

So when you’re looking at land for sale, whether in the dust bowl area of Oklahoma or the flat lands of the South, you should think about these five tips:

1. Consider the location — Usually the further out you go the lower the price is. Downtown Tulsa is going to be expensive, while land for sale in Oklahoma’s desolate panhandle will be a comparative steal pozemky.

But with gas prices climbing all the time you need to consider what you would end up paying if you need to commute to a job from a piece of land that is far from a city. Sometimes you are better off paying more for the land and buying some Oklahoma real estate that is closer to Tulsa rather than buying a cheaper piece of land far out in the country.

2. Check to see if the local utilities are available — When you’re building a house you will need running water, electricity and other utilities. Make sure that the local utilities are accessible from the area you’re looking at.

If they’re not, then go look at another piece of land. Even if the seller says that public utilities will be available soon, you should look for another piece of land unless you’re not bothered by the idea of living without utilities.

3. Check the zoning requirements — Is the land zoned for residential homes? What are the building restrictions? It would be terrible if you bought a piece of land and then weren’t able to build the size or style of home that you wanted because of zoning restrictions.

4. Natural features — You might find it attractive if the land you’re looking at has a forest on the property, is close to a lake, or is at the top of a large hill; but you should also consider the realities of living in that kind of landscape before you buy that piece of land.

Will your vehicle make it up that steep hill in the winter? Will your house be safe from storms on the water? Make sure you think about all the potential problems that might result from the natural features of the land.

5. Get an appraisal — Let’s use Oklahoma as an example here again. Since Oklahoma land for sale is fairly cheap by itself, most people pay directly for land and don’t go through a mortgage lender.

Since there isn’t usually a lender involved, most people don’t bother to get the land appraised. But you should always have an appraisal done. It will give you peace of mind and will also let you know if you are paying a fair price for that piece of land.

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