What’s Atencoin Black Gold Coin?


Perhaps you have heard of this term cryptocurrency or digital money and the way it was recently? Atencoin is a type of digital money that’s been created by National Atencoin (NAC) Foundation. The coin is not yet been introduced in the marketplace this 2014 and Atencoin is about its final phase of development but the precise date of launch isn’t yet shown. Atencoin can also be referred to as the “Black Gold Coin” hence referred to as the Atencoin BGC by its own programmers, stakeholders and members.

Atencoin derive its name by a precious metal called Aten new hyip. This metal is extremely rare and its cost is 1000 times greater in comparison to Gold. It’s thus also called black gold. Together with NAC Foundation, Atencoin will become the most accessible medium of market in gasoline and petroleum industries. Unlike conventional digital monies, the Atencoin is backed up with the ability of gas and oil. The NAC also aims at keeping a flow of providers who’ll take Atencoin to the exchange of items which are employed in real life such as beef, butter, clothes and internet games.

NAC Foundation intends to provide wider options to businesses or people who want to utilize virtual monies in their trades with petroleum, gas and electricity industries all over the world. BGC or even the Atencoin is a kind of digital money that might be readily saved using online wallets. Among the most intriguing things about Atencoin along with other crypto monies is that they aren’t correlated with any central authority. The decentralization helps these monies to keep a self-governed market so that consumers can exercise their whole liberty to determine what to do with their virtual monies at hand.

It’s an established actuality that crude oil and any other sort of oil and gas are extremely important in our market. Firms and even families depend on oil and gas to have the ability to run it economically. The cost of the basic commodities is determined by the purchase price of oils and gas hence its significance and contribution to the planet is quite essential. NAC Foundation have understand this demand that’s the reason why Atencoin was designed to provide better and simpler choices for buyers and sellers to exchange gas and petroleum and in other relevant businesses.

Other characteristics of this money also incorporate the minting reward because the non judgmental is a key for achievement. If the reward for minting the money declines afterward the minting is decreased automatically. It’s not the situation in regards to Atencoin since the minting rate will be raised by 5 percent annually to keep the pace. To conquer inflation by applying this money is also an objective of NAC. Much like Bitcoin, Atencoin will alter the means of money handling on the internet by deploying state of the art system of peer to peer trade network. Open minting and marketing of Atencoin will even bring a revolution from the sphere of internet currencies.

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