Studies Show a Vegan Weight Loss Plan Can Improve Overall Health


While many attempt to lose weight by simply eating less, this can be dangerous to your health and is not necessary with a vegan weight loss plan. It is not necessarily the amount of food with which you consume, but the types of food. Many physicians promoting a vegan diet say that many people are not eating enough of the right kinds of food and encourage a higher intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole, unprocessed grains and legumes. Imagine that, instead of starving yourself and being drained of energy, you can eat plenty, have high energy levels for exercise, and be healthy.

Eating the right foods is important. Just being vegan in and of itself does not mean you will suddenly be healthier. It is not a magic word you can say where a woodland fairy will appear, tap her magic wand, and poof, healthy. Vegans can still eat potato chips, non dairy ice cream and any number of unhealthy foods. Going vegan is a lifestyle change, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Far from the typical diet plans of starvation, then using your lack of energy from low calorie intake to attempt exercise, a vegan weight loss plan allows you to eat plentiful and great tasting foods. A common misconception of vegans is that they eat tasteless foods comprised of leaves and twigs. This is far from the truth. There are many wonderful recipes to be found for great tasting meals, and yes, most are easy to make and don’t take hours to prepare.

Vegans and vegetarians tend to be healthier and thinner. A statement supported by National Geographic’s November 2015 issue “The Secrets of Long Life” showing Seventh Day Adventists to be among the healthiest and longest living people. For the purpose of health much can be learned from other cultures. While not all Seventh Day Adventist are vegans, most do adhere to a vegetarian diet that has been statistically proven to show an increase in the resistance to disease and health problems while living longer lives. This seems to have become one of the most popular studies for the vegan and vegetarian cultures in support of their diet and lifestyle, but there are many other studies that have proven the same results where the diet is the contributing factor to success.

Many have heard the miracle stories of curing cancer, disease, and many other inflictions with nothing more than a change in diet. While some of the evidence is hard to prove, it is also hard to ignore. For many, our goal may simply be to lose weight, look better in those skinny jeans, or just feel better about ourselves. A vegan weight loss plan is not as difficult as many would like to believe – Justin Billingsley Arizona has proven it. Many who have switched to a vegan lifestyle have stuck to it because they could feel the change in their bodies: higher energy levels, fit body and mind, and overall health. A vegan weight loss plan can lead to a longer and healthier life and an improved sense of self and being.

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