The Female of the Species is More Deadlier than the Male: Women’s hold on Internet Poker


Never under estimate the power of the pink pound; no not the spending ability of the homosexual community poker, the ladies whose increasing disposable income is now becoming a badly lucrative courtship that has many online gaming sites.

With pppoker เงินจริง autonomy within their own lives and fewer women getting tied down with the responsibility of marriage and kids, their spending power has escalated at a speed that not only keeps those shop’tills’ ringing but has given women the freedom to spend as they wish. With online gambling today a mainstream process, the tendency has also seen more women choosing the lead in online poker playing. We just need to see the rising number of gambling internet sites catering exclusively for women to know that this is industry to maintain in.

Until lately, the internet poker boom was thought to be considered a man dominated arena with over 10 percent of players at a typical casino poker match being women. But on the web gaming industry experts have recently set out to investigate internet poker styles that have contributed to the widespread increase of online poker sites. Two studies conducted at the US introduced interesting and surprising revelations concerning demographics and the general popularity and allure of online poker.

Surprisingly, the research one conducted by PC Data”Spotlight on Games”, reveal that over 1 / 3 of internet poker players are female with women being the fastest developing sector of the online poker playing people. The studies also revealed that an overwhelming majority of female holdem players prefer to play at online holdem websites. In reality, only one of every 6 women preferred online holdem into routine poker!

As gambling matures on the web, a large portion of it will take place round casual games that simply happen to be popular among players gamers. In reality, despite the assumed male dominance of online gambling, women do make up a significant share. Current statistics show that this is coming around 47% of all internet users being female.

OnlineGambling providers therefore should take serious note of women players if they are to maximise the overall package and then increase the value and endurance of these players. It would seem that although men are ahead of their female counterparts in online gaming, women gamers are rapidly creeping up the bets to become perhaps one of the most effective demographics to beat and within several years, they are going to become the brightest category to bet on.

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