What Will It Take for the U.S. To Compete With World Super Powers in Soccer?


The United States men’s national soccer team has long been considered a team that cannot compete with the best in the world. Many questions have come up regarding the U.S. men’s national team as to how they have yet to establish themselves as one of the dominant international soccer teams. Inconsistency, leadership, culture, and the ability to win big games have all contributed to what seems to be an everlasting struggle for soccer in the United States.

One thing the United States has not been able to do is create a “face” for American soccer. Yes, they have players the likes of Landon Donavan, Clint Dempsey, or Freddy Adu who represent our national team, but not one of them have been such a dominant force on the field that make people want to watch their games. In order for soccer to grow in the U.S., there must be various significant changes, one of them being the ability to drive ticket sales and television viewers. One way of doing so, would be finding a “Lebron James”, a phenomenal athlete, who completely dominates his sport week in and week out. The best athletes in the world can step onto their field of sport and have such an impact that even the most heated rivals are awed by the brilliance that they show while they play. Soccer players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo have people from all over the world who tune into their teams games just to see them play. The US national team needs a type of player that has the ability to put the team on their back and bring them to glory ดูบอล.

The lacking of leadership on the soccer field has been another lingering issue that has led to many disappointing losses. The U.S. has struggled to maintain any consistency, playing well one game, and then playing poorly the next game. With the World Cup around the corner, and losing an international friendly against Ukraine 2-0 just last month, now is the worst time to have a big question mark surrounding the team. Having a superstar athlete that can tremendously help carry the team going into the world cup would be a dream come true for most U.S. soccer fans, however, that is not the case, not yet anyways. Winning on the big stage and winning big games will draw interest to U.S. sports fans. Drawing more interest from people could lead up to more interest from the youth, which represent the future in any sport. The United States needs more kids to stick with soccer rather than playing in their early stages of child hood, then switching to other sports like football, basketball, or baseball.

Youth soccer in other countries is just part of the roots to a culture that is unbelievably passionate about the sport. Some think of it as soccer hooliganism, others think of it more as a religion. In order for the U.S. national team to thrive as one of the best teams in the world, they need players for our youth to look up to. It is kid’s dreams of becoming professional athletes that create dynasties. People in countries like Brazil eat, breathe, and live soccer. Kids grow up only knowing soccer. They have superstar athletes to look up to. The U.S. needs role models! Without a better presence of success within the development of soccer, the United States will forever be condemned as a country that will never compete at a top level.

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