Treatment of Black-Magic


Mental fight between the Patient and the invader, the Jinn:
It’s all about the dominance, the one with the superiority in dominance will win is the case here, so it is very mandatory to develop the strength over the Jinn. Since both the Jonn and the person share a common body, so actually what happens is whatever the Jinn is thinking comes in the mind of that person; so in reality it is the Jinn thinking and putting emotions in the head of the person but the person thinks that the he/she is creating the stuffs and sometimes don’t even come to know that from where the thoughts are arousing in the head. Whatever the Jinn loves, hates, bears etc. the person also starts to love, hate, bear the same.

Since, there is very deep emotions developed between the Jinn and the patient because actually what happens is, whatever the Jinn feels the patients starts feeling the same and the reverse is also true strongly, so it all depends on the dominance, the one who is more convicted and self-centred believe in himself/herself, greater the probability of winning and that strength too depends on the grace and blessing of Allah, off course علاج السحر.
Procedure for self-treatment:

The best time considered is before going to bed because at that time Jinn is quite, calm and has the higer probability to adapt himself/herself according to the changes. Before going to bed, cleans your hands, body etc. very correctly then start talking to yourself that how you believe in yourself, how much do you believe in the utmost superpower, the Allah.
It is very mandatory to be firm and commanding at that time because that time is very precious and very crucial as well. So, be firm in your words and try to showcase to yourself that how superior your Allah is, because the more you will talk to yourself the greater you will be able to convey the message to Jinn.
Try to convince yourself that you have the full control on your body and if possible don’t do it forcefully also but simultaneously try to convince yourself that whatever you are thinking, you have the full faith in that too. This is so because the stronger you start developing faith within yourself, the easier it would become for you pull out the Jinn out of your body.
Try to convince the Jinn the you have all the control over your body and hence you will automatically able to convince the Jinn that you are right and it will automatically throws the Jinn out of your body.
It all depends on the conviction in your head, the stronger you have faith in yourself, the faster you would be able to remove the Jinn out of your body. Say to Jinn that and make him convince that the Allah is the supreme and any thought that disgrace the Allah’s will is a sin.
Show love and empathy to Jinn as well but make a damn sure conviction in head that don’t ever allow the Jinn overrule you when you show the love and empathy. Define a boundary by yourself and after showing conviction and love to the Jinn, tell the Jinn in a commanding tone to get out of the body of yours because it would be good for the Jinn and for the Patient as well as it is the best thing decided by the Allah.

Treatment regarding the patient’s character and quality of spirituality the patient possess:

Do not try to set a sure connection like “if you remember Allah, you will healed up”. Motivate the person to regret deep but do cure the person with utmost dedication and devotion as well. Black magic and Jinn may bring a hindrance to the religious practice but don’t stop. On the other side, it is very mandatory that the person does not commit any linkage with Allah (shirk), i.e. he should not go to practitioners of sorcerers or black magic. The treatment mentioned here works for both non-practicing Muslims and even for the non-Muslims. The only scenario where it is turns a bit ineffective is when a person gets the punishment by Allah Himself. Considering the logic, Allah’s words will not contradict Allah’s will but remember that in any case the Allah is for the betterment of every soul. There are also people who always fall sick worse than the earlier because they continue with their so called sins. However, the difference is very much crystal-clear with a person who has strong spirituality. Stronger the character of the person, will-power and spirituality, the smaller he will get affected by black magic or jinn and the comfortable will be the treatment of this. In the most severe case, someone received the punishment by Allah because of his/her own sins would may become theoretically impossible to get cured but by the ultimate grace of lord that can be changed too.
The article Translated from the site Asrar
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Magical Christmas Not Expensive Christmas


With 8 months to go until Christmas that the child’s excitement is slowly beginning to develop and with this any parent’s anxiety and dread. After all Christmas stands for enormous spending, purchasing and consuming. The religious side of the exceptional time gets less or more buried under specific offers, the hottest trends, stocking up along with a thick coating of seasonal strain. The chance of getting a quality family time has over shadowed by household discussions, who’s taking responsibility for dad or mum, folks not becoming and where to spend Christmas and whom?

Against a background of an economic downturn, why can not it be different this season? Why can not this be the chance to make Christmas more special than with an emphasis on serenity, being with the ones you love and also the opportunity to represent points of light in that dark period of the year.

Think about the prospect of penetrating January feeling refreshed and ready to go instead of self-evident, guilty and sad?

Over time when working with customers I seen that this ridiculous Christmas frenzy where many people totally lost themselves wondered if they’d finished shopping, wrap and placing their name at a card. The essence of my company meant that the essence of this a Christmas maintained me liberally in company since individuals started the New Year frustrated than. Why don’t you break the mold?

Why don’t you make sure to make this your best Christmas ever followed with the most favorable beginning to 2012?)

I learnt my lesson once I spent years as one mother. My financial situation was such that I’d no excess money so I needed to make Christmas special for my own kids on a little budget. Believe it or not, it was pleasurable and generated a number of the richest historical memories that I have. Above all it reset my worth; it was about time invested not cash spent. And in the event that you’re able to spend some time knowingly and you’ve got a strategy then you are able to produce the very simple but magical time of this year.

With 8 months to go, please be aware that the anticipation from the build up to Christmas is vitally critical as the real day or even more so. Below are a couple of very simple suggestions to get you thinking about and preparing to get your ideal period of the year with no anxiety, guilt or stress.

1. Get out your calendar and begin putting in most of the Christmas events from the region (shifting of the lights, specific Christmas fairs). These are particular items to do after college or at the evenings; children are excited by Christmas lights, Santa’s grotto, observing decorations on people’s homes. I’d like to take my kids on a small drive around the region to spot the very best decorated homes within an “I spy” sort of way. An extremely inexpensive trip but they used to appreciate it علاج الحسد.

2. Ensure that you take some time out to see all of the events in your kids ‘ school. There’s not anything more important for kids than to talk about and show parents exactly what they’ve been around in college.

3. You can arrange a Christmas party for your children’s friends in your home (this could be done using a little roast chicken, crackers, Christmas music and a tasty dessert deal).

4. Make a big deal out of little things and get the kids involved every step along the way. Offer your kids (guided!) Duty to pick a tree for example. Our visit to the local garden center is obviously a very special moment.

5. Get your kids involved in planning on which to hang the decorations and also the way to make the home a distinctive location. Maybe purchase several new decorations to add to the ones that you currently have or if you’re creative, create them. The children might want to generate some decorations or maybe you permit them to purchase something special to their space. There’s a kaleidoscope of inexpensive decorations (Tesco, Argos, the regional garden center) out there which may create their room seem festive. If you do not already have them consider purchasing lights for the exterior of your dwelling.

6. Purchase exceptional candles for Christmas time which make the home smell nice. Little things make a lasting impression.

Still another 16 additional hints and suggestions to come tomorrow to make a magical Christmas!

7. The moment it’s December your children can proceed onto to test Santa’s advancement and also to perform some Christmas games as every day a fresh one is shown. Advent calendars are cheap and a fun way to begin daily in December, practising times of the week and amounts!

8. This is also a fantastic time to practise a few new recipes to the Christmas holiday season. Again, get the children involved which makes it really tasting it. They can learn much from cooking using raw ingredients, like weighing amounts, titles of spices, texture/smell of components etc..

9. For the majority of people composing cards might be tedious task. It’s if you’re only sending cards to the men and women that will likely send you. Send cards to really say thank you or decent luck to somebody. It requires time but also signifies much more. It’s also a fantastic activity for the children to make them write cards for their particular friends or adults in their own life they love and wish to say thank you for. Additionally they can begin composing their letters to Santa, which may grow to be a fantastic imaginative endeavor.

10. Sort all of the toys that the kids already have. You’ll find toys that your children love but had forgotten about and a few could be sold or given away. You might choose to create some parcels for deprived kids on the planet. Many churches and organisations have these initiatives. Involve your children in order that they understand the value of these toys that they have and the enjoyment it could bring another kid by giving away things.

11. Choose a budget. Producing the superb feeling that Christmas may have in the house does not indicate your kid must go without gifts. Then choose what you can realistically afford to invest and that to spend it all on. Would you wish to prioritise the children or are there any other people that you need to purchase for? When I had been in my own with all the boys, I just told my buddies I simply bought presents for children only. For those parents I’d do a tiny token of thoughtfulness, such as particular chocolate, a gorgeous card with a New Year’s desire, a box of tea or homemade cakes nicely wrapped up. Do not spend money you do not have. It will just create more problems as time continues. Choose a budget and stick with it. When there’s a unique desire your kid has and you can not manage that, then try teaming up with a few family members to acquire the gift your son/daughter needs.

12. Utilize any saved coupons up. I conserve Tesco coupons that may be invested in the Tesco additional stores that’s a fantastic means of keeping your money.

13. On Christmas Day there is not any requirement to go overboard with all the food and beverage. Why cook 10 individuals if there are just 5? If it’s possible, get some fantastic excellent beef, but get sufficient instead of a lot for everybody and discover a particular sauce or gravy to bring a spark. Supplement your beef using a range of vegetables and roast potatoes but aim carefully so you’re not throwing pounds and pounds of food in the bin. Cooking yourself is obviously the cheapest way and may be a wonderful team and family attempt. Have a fantastic dessert that’s straightforward and delicious for everybody. For kids you might choose to decide on a do-it-yourself dessert, together with ice cream and assorted toppings (we call them ice cream castles). With respect to alcohol, I’d propose to have less of a fantastic wine instead of more of a rubbish wine. Simply listen to your body since everybody goes at that time of year and pays the cost in the future.

14. Make a particular attempt putting the Christmas dinner table. Add candles, small celebrities, matching napkins and your homemade crackers. Be resourceful since there are many methods of accomplishing so inexpensively.

15. A unique Christmas treat for the kids throughout the vacation could be hot chocolate with marshmallows.

16. Rather than purchasing rolls of wrapping paper, then purchase just ribbon and then use recycled paper to wrap around the present in.

17. You might be unable to purchase snow for the particular day, but heading to Christmas carol concerts and midnight bulk adds magical and gets children into the method of what Christmas is about.

18. Take the kids for a country walk and attempt collect chestnuts to bring house for roasting.

19. In case you’ve got little kids then make a magical bedtime pattern on Christmas Eve having a tub, followed by a fresh set of pyjamas. I picked up a suggestion from a buddy who’d scatter glitter in the hallway because of her little children to understand that the elves was!

20. At the subject of spending some time not money, kids love playing with a household (board) games and watching a great Christmas movie over the holiday season. Mature Christmas DVD’s are greater than3 with which you may produce a “home theater”. I have a tendency to produce tickets the children can “purchase” they need to hand over until they go into the darkened living space. Get some homemade popcorn in little bowls and cuddle up on the couch.

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