Can I Cut My LED Strip Lights?


LED Strip Lights are among the most versatile kinds of lighting available and this is not simply because they have been flexible. LED Strip Lights may be cut to custom lengths, which means they can be potentially made to satisfy the requirements of any installation.

As soon as it is possible to get your lights trimmed by a professional, the procedure is so simple that you can also take action yourself. If for instance you will find that your strip light is marginally too much time for the space where you intend to install this, you can chop a section off the limit to ensure it is fit. Alternatively, for those who get a large, single strip of led lights, however, you would prefer two separate bits, you can cut off the strip in half.

LED Strip Lights can be cut in 5 or 10cm intervals (depending on the amount of LEDs per metre) all along their span. The”cutting points” are clearly marked with a direct line and also a diagram of a pair of scissors. To different your strip lights, then cut along this line by means of a pair of scissors or craft knife. Always be certain that the tool you’re employing is sharp, like a blunt tool may cause damage to the circuit board.2835 led strip

This is because their circuit is completely shut at each cutting point. If you’re removing a section at the conclusion of your strip light, always make sure that you are removing it at the end off from the connector.

If you’re cutting you strip lights to two parts and plan to utilize them as two distinct setups, you will also have to complete a little bit of soldering. At each cutting point there ought to be a series of solder points (circular metallic disks ), two when it comes to single colour lights and 4 in the example of colour changing RGB. To add a new length of 2 core or 4 core cable, you will need to solder the wires for their corresponding solder points (that ought to be clearly indicated for this function ).

Soldering is not a challenging undertaking, but obviously requires the necessity tools, which most individuals do not possess. Asking a electrician to perform the soldering onto your behalf may even work out to be somewhat pricey as you are of course paying to their period. The most economical, and safest alternative is to ask your merchant to prepare all beforehand.

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